Jun 1, 2024

June – Referral Program

Terms and Conditions

  1. Period : 01 – 30 June 2024
  2. This program applies to all users who:
    1. Already have an active account on the Nanovest app; and
    2. Completed the KYC process.
  3. All users who meet the requirements as stated in point no.2 above can take part in the Referral Program and have the opportunity to win NBT rewards by inviting other people (referrals) to register in the Nanovest application and ensuring that these referrals complete the four Referral Missions sequentially as listed in below:
Referral Mission
(in Nanovest App)
*Rewards for each User and Referral
1) The referral registers and successfully completes the KYC processNBT worth IDR 2,000
2) The referral has made a top-up with a minimum amount of IDR 20,000NBT worth IDR 3,000
3) The referral has made a BUY transaction for the first timeNBT worth IDR 5,000
4) The Referral have made transactions (buy/sell) with a minimum total volume of IDR 10,000,000NBT worth IDR 30,000
* Valid for the first 200,000 referrals and the reward amount will change afterwards.
  1. Users are required to complete the Referral Missions listed in the table above sequentially. Completing the missions out of order may result in the cancellation of the rewards.
  2. In this program, P2P transfers are not considered or not counted as Top-up transactions. P2P transfer transactions will be deemed not in accordance with the terms and conditions for completing the mission as already informed in the previous point regarding the provisions of the Referral Mission.
  3. In this program, Nanovest provides an additional bonus in the form of a reward multiplier of 1.5x. This multiplier bonus applies to users who stake a minimum of 100,000 NBT through the Nanovest application.
  4. NBT rewards as previously explained in the table in point no.3 will be locked for 30 calendar days since the user claims the reward. Users can sell the NBT reward after passing the reward lock period.
  5. Referrals that are considered valid are new referrals who have successfully completed registration and completed each of their referral missions in the Nanovest application during this program period.
  6. NBT rewards can be claimed and will be sent automatically to each Nanovest user account for every completed Referral Mission.
  7. NBT rewards can be claimed by each user provided that each referral has fulfilled all the terms and conditions of this program as long as the quota is still there.
  8. The amount of quota referred to in point no.10 is entirely the decision of Nanovest.
  9. Nanovest at its discretion has the right to change, continue or stop this program at any time with prior notification.
  10. Please do not use the same smartphone device to carry out referral missions for each referral. Violation of this provision will cause Nanovest not to include referrals in the calculation of reward disbursement.
  11. Nanovest reserves the right to cancel the reward granting if there are transactions or activities that are suspected to involve suspicious, fraudulent, or dishonest elements, as well as violations of the terms and conditions in the Nanovest Application.
  12. By participating in this program, each user declares that they have read, understood, and agreed to all the terms and conditions applicable to this program and the Nanovest application.
  13. Nanovest is fully responsible for this ongoing competition/event and states that this competition/event is not bound at all by application service providers or any party.
  14. For further questions and information, users can contact our Live Chat service on the Nanovest application (active from 08:00 to 24:00 WIB).
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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  1. Where will the NBT reward that I get from this Referral Program be sent to?
    → After a Referral’s Mission has been completed legally, NBT rewards can be claimed on the Nanovest application and will be sent automatically to each Nanovest user’s account and the referral concerned.
  2. I have a referral who joined the Nanovest application before this program started. If the referral has just completed one of the Referral Missions within this program period, are my referrals and I entitled to receive NBT rewards?
    → Sorry, no. Referrals that are considered valid are referrals that join the Nanovest application only during this program period.
June – Referral Program
by Nona dari Nanovest