Feb 16, 2022

NanoByte Token (NBT) Launch: Supported by Tokocrypto Launchpad & KrystalGo

The launch of NanoByte Token (NBT) is right around the corner! Initial DEX Offering (IDO) of NanoByte Token will be done in late-February 2022 by Tokocrypto Launchpad and KrystalGO

NanoByte Token aims to bridge cryptocurrency to the traditional/conventional currency system, by making crypto wallets enabled and aligned with FIAT products such as e-money, credit cards, insurance, and other investments. NanoByte Token’s first use case is on Nanovest app, first ever investment app in Indonesia that offers more than 2,000 global stocks and more than 100 cryptocurrencies in the platform. 

“Last month, we achieved exciting milestone of 2 million downloads on our investment app. We are thrilled to announce that we now partner with Tokocrypto and KrystalGo to bring more people to join Nano Squad.” – said Hutama Pastika, CEO of NanoByte Token.

The Tokocrypto Launchpad is the exclusive launch platform of Tokocrypto, the largest crypto exchange in Indonesia. Tokocrypto Launchpad aims to support the crypto ecosystem by offering first-look access to quality projects to all Tokocrypto users. NBT will be the first ever token that is launched through Tokocrypto Launchpad.

KrystalGO is a launchpad by Krystal DeFi, a multi-chain platform to easily access popular decentralized finance (DeFi) services and manage non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Backed by investors like Hashed and Crypto.com, Krystal DeFi is built to be a one-stop platform to easily access popular DeFi services like token swaps and DeFi earn. 

In line with Krystal’s mission of simplifying access to DeFi, KrystalGO is a platform where any community member can easily participate in token sales of high quality blockchain projects. With a simple user interface and straightforward participation requirements, users of all demographics can easily participate in any token launch. 

Partnership between NanoByte Token, Tokocrypto Launchpad, and KrystalGO is instrumental to bring NanoByte Token (NBT) to the next level. Tokocrypto will bring NBT to more than 2 million crypto enthusiasts in Indonesia, whereas Krystal will expand NBT reach to market across the globe, from Southeast Asia to India to other countries.

We are confident that our combined efforts will not only make a splash in the crypto space but will also provide an excellent opportunity for early investors to use the NBT  and its features as a foundation for their investment journey.


About NanoByte

 NanoByte Token aims to bridge cryptocurrency to the traditional/conventional currency system, by making crypto wallets enabled and aligned with FIAT products such as e-money, credit cards, insurance, and other investments. 

NBT’s home market is Indonesia, the 4th largest country in the world with 270 million populations. After its initial launch in Indonesia, NanoByte will also look into expanding to more countries.

NBT has a unique position to make crypto legitimate and mainstream because of support it gathers from both traditional financial institutions and new-age crypto institutions. Some of big names partnering with NBT include Sinar Mas Financial Services (one of largest financial institutions and a diversified group in Southeast Asia), Tokocrypto (largest crypto exchange in Indonesia), and Agate International (largest game developer in Indonesia).

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About Tokocrypto

Tokocrypto is Indonesia’s no. 1 most trusted crypto-assets digital exchange. They are the first crypto entity in Indonesia to be registered under the Trade and Futures Exchange Ministry (BAPPEBTI).

Tokocrypto recently joined hands with Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, to upgrade their platform to Tokocrypto v2.0 with the latest technology and security. This will allow our users to create their own alternative finance solution in an efficient, transparent and scalable manner with industry-grade security and liquidity.

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About Krystal DeFi

Krystal DeFi is a multi-chain platform to easily access popular DeFi services and manage NFTs.

Krystal is a convenient, single point of access to transact with leading protocols on multiple blockchains, including KyberSwap, Uniswap, Aave, Venus Protocol, PancakeSwap, SushiSwap et.al. To date, Krystal supports Swap & Earn services on 6 blockchains – Ethereum mainnet, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom & Cronos.

Krystal brings users the best token swap rates via SmartSwap, its Smart Liquidity Aggregator that sources tokens from 40+ DEXes. Additionally, users can earn passive income, manage NFTs, participate in token sales via its launchpad KrystalGO, and access cutting edge portfolio management and market insights tools. Topping it off, Krystal’s one-of-a-kind rewards program earns users bonus incentives when they trade or successfully refer friends. Since its launch in April 2021, Krystal now attracts more than 108k monthly active users worldwide.

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NanoByte Token (NBT) Launch: Supported by Tokocrypto Launchpad & KrystalGo
by Nona dari Nanovest


  1. Jimmy berkata:

    Thanks for good information, NanoByte go to the moon..

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      NanoByte go to the moon…

    2. Ades berkata:

      Mantab… Maju Terus, semoga NBT value nya lumayan..

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    Thanks information Nanobite

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    mudah2han semakin maju dan berkembang

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    It’ Times ,akhirnya yang ditunggu-tunggu,penasaran berapa harga nbt pas launcing ya

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    Very good project.

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  9. Denny Moldovan berkata:

    Congratulations for the launch of NBT, hopefully it can get a lot of interest from investors.

    1. Yugi Rachmanto berkata:

      Congratulations for the NBT launch, I guess it’s gonna be a fruitful launch for those NBT holder! To the moon ????????

  10. Zulkarnain berkata:

    Alhamdulillah semoga NBT diawal baik dan terus membaik, berapapun nilai diawal tetap bersyukur tetap mendoakan yg terbaik????????

  11. Adi berkata:

    Good Invest Nanobyte ( NBT ) to the Future ..Go To The Moon ????????????????????????????????????

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    Best Of The Best NanoByte

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    Good project ????

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      Semoga Nanovest(NBT)sllu jaya trus

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    Semangat terus nanaovest sukses selalu

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    Nanovest to the moon

  16. Tuyar berkata:

    Nanobyte to the moon

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    Semoga NBT semakin di kenal oleh masyarakat.

  18. Suwondo berkata:

    Semoga nanovest jadi yang terbaik untuk Indonesia????????

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    nanovest semakin di depan????????

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    Semoga harga perkoinnya lebih dari 15 ribu

  21. Neni Afriani berkata:

    Semoga saja (NBT) bisa melesat cepat bisa sejajar dengan crypto lainnya do’aku bersamamu. good luck NBT,,,

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    Mantabb,, maju teruss

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    Semoga sukses terus

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    Joss maju trus

    1. Iwan KP berkata:

      Keren Abis
      Project yg menggiurkan
      Saya suka-Saya suka
      Sukses to NanoVest

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    Sukses terus buat Nanobyte.

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    Da launching blm nanobite

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    Nanovest is a blessing for the people of Indonesia

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    Wish u alll the best NanoByte

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    NBT aspiring Crypto King of Asia.. congrats

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