Feb 18, 2022


Rumble in the Cryptocurrency, NFT, and Metaverse Jungle

About this event

Nanoverse Summit is the first curated event by NanoByte Token Project that presents collaborations, discussions and dialogues to explore the latest trend and developments in cryptocurrency exchange, DeFi, NFT and Metaverse. The conference will bring together prominent business leaders, regulators, crypto leaders and pioneers in one big online session. 

Our goal is to spread awareness of the broad array of cryptocurrency and its legitimacy along with the introduction of Metaverse World to the local community. We will also introduce our partnership with Tokocrypto and KrystalGo during the event.

Content will cover everything from where Indonesia’s regulatory stands today to future projection and forecast on cryptocurrency, to the bigger picture of how this industry will be the biggest and largest sector to invest in within the next decade. This event contains a series of panel discussions from leaders of various expertise to cover talking points of interest by communities. We aim to connect local communities, business professionals, and newbies under one roof to inspire and learn from one another. Through this summit, we hope to bring diverse thoughts in this revolutionized way of investing.

You will hear from some of the prominent leaders, including Fuganto Widjaja (Executive Board Member at Sinar Mas Financial Service), Pang Xue Kai (CEO Tokocrypto), Arnold Poernomo (#1 crypto celebrity in Indonesia, NFT Enthusiast), Jeffy Jouw (Founder of Karafuru NFT, NFT Enthusiast), Felicia Tjiasaka (Financial Advisor), Charles d’Haussy  (Managing Director APAC ConsenSys) and many more. 

Event Rundown (GMT+7 / WIB )

3.00PM – 3.10PMOpening 
3.10PM – 3.30PM Introduction to Nanoverse – Billy Suryadjaya
3.30PM – 3.40PMOpening Speech – Fuganto  Widjaja
3.40PM – 4.10PMPanel Discussion 1
4.10PM – 4.25PMQuiz 
4.25PM – 4.30PMNBT Listing Information – Jovita Widjaja
4.30PM – 5.00PMSpecial Panel: NBT, TKO, KrystalGO
5.00PM – 5.40PMPanel Discussion 2
5.40PM – 6.10PMPanel Discussion 3
6.10PM – 6.30PMBreak
6.30PM – 7.00PM NBT Project Update (Post listing)  – Hutama Pastika
7.00PM – 7.30PM Panel Discussion 4
7.30PM – 8.10PMPanel Discussion 5
8.10PM – 8.50PMPanel Discussion 6 
8.50PM – 8.55PMLucky Draw Winner Announcement
8.55PM – 9.00PMClosing


Date : Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Time : 3PM – 9PM WIB (GMT+7) / 8AM – 2PM UTC

Place : YouTube Livestream

Register now (of course it’s FREE!) : bit.ly/nanoversesummit2022

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Ladies and gentlemen, #NBTisinDAHOUSE!


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    Semoga beruntung, ini yang ditunggu akhirnya datang juga ! #NBTisinDAHOUSE

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    ayo ayoooo kencangkan sabuk pengaman, kita pergi ke bulan

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    DiNanoSQUAD, Gue itu ibarat Sendok Plastik Pas motong rendang, harus tetap semangat MAJU tak GENTAR..

    “Nanoverse SUMMIT 2022”
    Semoga berjalan lancar
    dan semakin SUKSES.

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